Office of the Municipal Cooperative Development Officer

The Office of the Municipal Cooperative Development Officer was created in order to bring coop development services closer to the coop communities within the municipality of General Nakar and to assist the Cooperative Development Council in strengthening the tripartite partnership ( CDA, LGU, Coop ) in coop development.

Registration of Cooperatives
- Request letter for PMES address to Cooperative Development Authority
- Submit request letter to CDA representative or to MCDO
- Actual Conduct of PMES by CDA Representative
- Drafting of Cooperative By-Laws, Article of Cooperation, Economic Survey and other documents
- CDA Representative will check the documents for finalization
- Issuance of Municipal Cooperative Development Council ( MCDC ) Endorsement
- Submission of all Mandatory Requirements for Registration and payment to CDA
- Issuance of Certificate of Registration by CDA

Securing a Certificate of Good Standing at Cooperative Development Authority
- The Coop Compliance Officer will submit the Audited Financial Statement and Updated bond of accountable officers to MCDO
- MCDO will assist the applicants in the preparation of Application letter duly signed by the Cooperative Chairman, Minutes of Annual General Assembly, Certification of Business Operation by the Chairman or Secretary of the cooperative concern, and Cooperative Annual Performance Report ( CAPR )
- Submission of Mandatory Requirements for CGS to CDA
- Issuance of Certificate of Good Standing by CDA

Livelihood Project Proposal
- The cooperative or association concern will provide a draft copy of project proposal or feasibility study
- MCDO will discuss with them about the details of the project proposal/feasibility study
- MCDO will assist cooperatives and association in the preparation of project proposal/feasibility study
- Encode the final copy of the project proposal/feasibility study and submit it to the concern coop or association

MCDO serves as the technical and administrative secretariat of the Municipal Cooperative Development Council
- Prepares the minutes and agenda and records the attendance and proceedings of all meetings of the Council;
- Serves notices of meetings to all members of the Council;
- Furnishes the officers and members certified copies of the minutes of the meetings;
- Keep a register of the names and addresses of all members and keeps a complete file of the laws; resolutions and executive orders relevant to the creation of the Council and the registration and businesses of the cooperative;
- In general, performs all duties incidental to the office of the secretariat and those that may be assigned to it by the Chairperson and/or the Council;
- Acts as alternate custodian of books of accounts.