Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office

The office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development is responsible in carrying out and implementing welfare programs and services for the care, protection and rehabilitation of the segment of the population which has the least in life in terms of physical, social, psychological aspects needing social work interventions to restore to normal functioning.

Programs and Services:


    1. Child Welfare Program:
      • Early Childhood Care & Development for 3-4 years old children
      • Supplemental Feeding
      • Social work intervention on cases of child abuse & neglect
      • Diversion Program for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL)
      • Organization & strengthening of Local Council for the Protection of Children


        • Day Care Workers Convention every month of June
        • Children’s Festival every month of October
        • Day Care Workers’ Training


    1. Women Welfare Program:
      • Organizational strengthening of KALIPI organization
      • Technical assistance to women’s organizations
      • Provision of appropriate skills development training
      • Livelihood assistance to women’s groups
      • Assistance to VAWC (Violence against women & children) victims


        • Women’s Month every March


    1. Family Welfare Program:
      • Pre-Marriage Counseling to about-to-get married couples
      • Parent Effectiveness Service to parents of day care children


    1. Senior Citizens & Disabled Welfare Program:
      • Issuance of national ID
      • Provision of burial assistance to the bereaved families of senior citizens

(requirement: photocopy of death certificate of senior citizen)

      • Provision of educational assistance to children with special needs
      • Provision of medical assistance to persons with disabilities
      • Technical assistance to senior citizens & persons with disabilities organization


    1. Emergency Assistance Program:
      • Provision of Certificate of Indigent to families seeking legal assistance

(requirement: request from PAO & certification from Assessor’s Office of no real property owned, barangay certification of residency)

      • Provision of Social Case Study Report to clients needing interventions from other line agencies/institutions
      • Provision of referral for medical & transportation assistance to clients
      • Provision of cash assistance (aid to individual in crisis situations) to needy clients
      • Provision of medical & food for work assistance to tribal minorities


      • Medical certificate
      • Certification of residency from barangay captain